Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the snake and the pony

OK, so update time. On October 30Th, 2010 i bought a 1997 Cobra Mustang...yeah, a Cobra! I always wanted a Cobra, but didn't think I would ever get one. But that all changed when i went to TPS Motorsports. I brought my '96 GT in to ask a few questions about getting my motor redone (perhaps a PI swap...that sort of thing). Long story short, they talked me out of it and said use that rebuild money to get a Cobra. So i started searching with no luck, Cobras just seemed out of my price range...until i got a reply from a Craigslist WTB 96-98 Cobra. One slightly rainy day, 5,500 cash fewer...Scott drove away with a 1997 Mustang SVT Cobra. The car needs a bit of work, but it is all there and is a great project. The car is ALL stock same for a pair of Flowmaster mufflers. The Cobra will need a new radiator core support and a new paint job, but for now i am just going through cleaning it up and doing maintenance items. Can't wait to post pics and get to drive it more. I will be getting a the brakes back together by next weekend...then it should be drivable. I have already put a lot of time into...too much to list with the time i have right now, will post a list soon, but it is worth it. So...Cobra in one bay, GT in the other...lovin' it!!!! Speaking of the GT, just bought new tires for it and got them mounted today...Hankook, very nice! so stay tuned!