Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back...

Ok, so my last blog was a bummer and I am sorry, just had to let out some steam. But...all is well. I have a job...yeah I know...a job, that that means money $$$cash$$$money, lol...which in turn means more parts for the '96. I am so tempted to go out and buy a bunch of small things for the car, but i need to save up for that new engine/rebuild...depends on what i decide to do. I really need to put in a new clutch, I really think there is something wrong with the King Cobra setup I have in there right now. There is just WAY TOO much pedal pressure and it is starting to do that "chatering"... plus i think throw-out bearning is going. So that will need to be done soon. But I love this car and can't wait for future mods!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"not all who wander are lost"

So here I am again. Back in front of my computer while my car sits outside with another problem. I have had many problems with this car, but it is said that problems come when you turn the wrench to modify. Well, maybe the key word is "I". "I" have had problems with this car, not the car has problems. Sometimes "I" wonder what the car would be like if it belonged to someone who had the proper funds and knowledge to fix all the woes. I should treat the car better, I mean...Christ, it has almost 200K on it. It just gets so frustrating, I mean so many of the parts "I" buy for the car don't fit it, even though they say it will. Doesn't matter if "I" buy the top brands, it just doesn't work. I just want the car to stop having problems. I have dreams of going to Buttonwillow and laying down some laps, but there is always something going wrong. I am trying so hard not to give up or get pissed off, but it is hard. There are so many issues i am having with the car, like the oil pressure gauge. I bought a new oil pressure sender unit, and ended up braking the oil filter mounting adapter (where the sender unit threads onto), because i am a freaking stupid piece of crap. So i replaced the adapter and got the car going again, but the oil pressure gauge still reads low. I am really scared cause i don't know if it is really that low or it is some gauge issue. So today I bought an aftermarket electric oil psi gauge (tried the mechanical one before, but had problems installing it), but the freaking kit, didn't come with all the parts and I can't return it cuz I opened it. SO now I have to piece some shit together and try to get this gauge working. "I" wish "I" knew what how to install it, I can't really ask for help because I already asked but i don't understand, and I keep taking time away from those people that i ask. I know what I should really do is have the engine rebuilt along with the transmission, but the job I have doesn't pay that much, and don't think I can get all that money at once (when you have the engine out, you try to do it all at one time). For instance, here is what i would need to do while it is out:

1). first get the motor out
2). find a engine shop to rebuilt it
3). find a shop to rebuild the transmission
4). install a new clutch, throw-out bearing, clutch fork, new flywheel
5). new low oil sensor
6). put on BBK shorty headers that have been laying around for like two years
7). when motor is rebuilt, have all new gaskets/seals installed
8). new thermostat

I know to you, as the reader, you are thinking this guy is just whining and should shut the hell up, but I have no other way to get this out of my system, and I am not forcing you to read it. Come to think of it, nobody reads this so I guess I can say what ever the hell I want! I really don't know why I am sitting here writing this, but maybe it is so I don't give up, and that maybe someday everything will come together...someday. So whoever you are out there thanks for sticking up with my rants. I guess tomorrow I will go out and take some pictures of what I have done with the car lately, and try to keep my hopes up.