Thursday, August 27, 2009

The stang is caged!!!

Ok, so after many, many hours of fighting with the roll cage, its in. I came out victoriously, and with most of my blood left too. The cage looks awesome, but it does because of the many hours of extra work i put into it. I knew from the get-go that i wanted to retain my factory interior panels. The instructions say only a bit of trimming is needed, well that is the biggest understatement EVER! I don't know how many times i had the cage in and out of my car to make adjustments. But in the end, i realize taking my time really made the difference. When i first got the cage i wanted to paint it yellow, but was worried about it standing out too much and perhaps being a distraction. Instead of the yellow i went with gloss black, a very strong industrial coat (rattle can of course). The finish came out more semi-gloss, but i really like it. I wish i could think of all the details and modifications that went into this roll cage project, but it is one of those things you need to do or see to understand. Funny thing is, most people don't notice that the car has a cage (remember it is a four point, so no door bars, everything is behind the front seats. Between the factory black interior, 35% tinting, and the fact i painted the cage just disappears. That is good in some cases, bad in others. Cops won't see it unless they really look, but unless you know mustangs pretty well, i think you wouldn't notice it. This project is not for the faint hearted, you have to cut interior panels, drill sixteen holes, remove undercoating, and have to retouch a lot of the flooring. But in my mind, it was worth it...the car really has 'that look' that cannot be described unless you have always wanted a race car. Next up is a set of harnesses. So stay tuned and i promise to put pics up when i get the car all cleaned up and the other seat in.

Monday, August 3, 2009

American Muscle CAR SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

Most car shows involve an hour of frantic polishing, followed by an hour of aimlessly walking the lot to check out the competition, and then finally, a good nap. But with 150 of the sweetest ‘Stangs ever to hit the road stationed door to door and bumper to bumper on every corner of the lot surrounded by more than a dozen top Mustang brands, each ready and eager to talk parts and performance, the 1st Annual AmericanMuscle Car Show and Charity Event was already set to be something different. Then add in a circling helicopter taking photos from 1,000 feet, a free dyno running from dawn ‘til dusk, free food and drink for all registered cars, more free stuff than you can carry in a mid-size sports coupe, and a slew of ├╝ber-hot AmericanMuscle Girls strolling the lot, showing off their own fox bodies. Now that’s a car show.

Of course the central point of the July 19th event was the Best in Show competition. AmericanMuscle judges walked the lot all day long meticulously examining every show candidate. In the end, it was Tony Massimano’s fully-custom ’69 Mach 1 that took top prize. Here’s a list of the rest of the winners:

  • Rick Bauman: President’s Choice Award: Torch Red ’05 GT

  • Tommy Lee: Best ’05 to 2010 Mustang: Black ’06 GT500 Convertible

  • Mike Baer: Best ’99 to ’04 Mustang: ’04 MystiChrome Cobra Convertible

  • Donnie Huth: Best ’94 to ’98 Mustang: ’97 Cobra

  • Rick Nagle: Best ’79 to ’93 Mustang: ’93 GT

In a day full of highlights, more than 1,000 showed up to walk and talk Mustangs, and show their support for Homes for Our Troops, a charity that buys or builds homes for disabled veterans. The goal for the day was to raise $5,000 for those that given more than we could ask while defending our freedom. But, when the day was done, and the money was counted, AmericanMuscle wrote a check for $8015 to its favorite charity. Adding to this number, the Garden State Region Mustang Club made an additional donation of $850, and an anonymous AmericanMuscle supplier also kicked in a check for $500, bringing the total donation to $9,365—a good day indeed.

For more information, plus lots of photos and video on the 1st Annual AmericanMuscle Car Show and Charity Event please visit:


So for my 23 birthday I was given a Maximum Motorsport Roll Cage from my beloved parents (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!). I drove down to San Luis Obispo, CA (Maximum Motorsports headquarters) to pick up the parts in person. The kit I got for my 1996 Mustang GT is the 4-point bolt in roll cage with the welded-in harness bar. I can't wait to install it in my car, but i am really taking my time to follow all the instructions to insure a safe and professional installation. To date I have removed the rear upper and lower quarter panels, no need to remove rear seats as i have a rear seat delete, the carpet is out as well as the center console. I have removed the seam sealer around the areas where the main hoop bolts to the floor as well as the hard rubber/tar like crap on the inside of the rear fender well where the support bars will bolt to. Next step is to start drilling holes, but have to wait as i need more help (can't do it by myself...please dad help me, lol). So I will have pics as soon as tomorrow to show you what things are looking like.

attention Sean @ Maximum Motorsports

Hello Sean at Maximum Motorsports, hope you get a chance to check out my site. I spaced out and forgot your email, so hope you get this. The details of the 1983 Mustang GT for sale are the following:
The car is a 1983 Mustang GT. The car has a five speed manual, not the four speed manual. I has the original running 5.0L 302ci V8, pretty much all stock, for the exception of a new real seal, new Ford Racing King Cobra Clutch, Steeda Clutch Quadrant/Cable/and firewall adjuster. I had a Flowmaster two-chamber muffler installed, but the rest of the exhaust is stock. I also had a shop weld on a pair of Maximum Motorsports Full Length subframe connectors, with seat braces. The car comes with a set of replica 1995 Cobra R wheels 16x8” 4-lug (not wheels pictured with car). Tires will need to be replaced though. I also have the original set of TRX wheels as well if interested. I bought the car with body damage to both rear quarter panels. I was told by a respectable bodyshop that instead of trying to repair the panels, they need to be cut out and have new ones welded on. Other than that the body is in good shape, a few little dings here and there. The paint is tired and faded. The car has the original black interior, aftermarket white face gauges and stock shifter from a 96 GT (with Steeda bushings), much better throw. I had bought this vehicle as a project car but never had the time nor the cash. The car would be a great car for the following automotive activities:
-SCCA/NASA Autocrossing
-Road Racing on Track Days
-American Iron Series/ Camaro Mustang Challenge/ American Sedan
-Amateur Drift car
-True Street Drag car
So I am now trying to sell it. I think it would make a great starter project, track car, or could be restored to its original fox body glory. These cars are easy to find parts for, and the aftermarket has all the goodies to make this “your” car. Asking $1,000, but cash talks!!!!!!!!!!!
email me at for more info/questions