Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the snake and the pony

OK, so update time. On October 30Th, 2010 i bought a 1997 Cobra Mustang...yeah, a Cobra! I always wanted a Cobra, but didn't think I would ever get one. But that all changed when i went to TPS Motorsports. I brought my '96 GT in to ask a few questions about getting my motor redone (perhaps a PI swap...that sort of thing). Long story short, they talked me out of it and said use that rebuild money to get a Cobra. So i started searching with no luck, Cobras just seemed out of my price range...until i got a reply from a Craigslist WTB 96-98 Cobra. One slightly rainy day, 5,500 cash fewer...Scott drove away with a 1997 Mustang SVT Cobra. The car needs a bit of work, but it is all there and is a great project. The car is ALL stock same for a pair of Flowmaster mufflers. The Cobra will need a new radiator core support and a new paint job, but for now i am just going through cleaning it up and doing maintenance items. Can't wait to post pics and get to drive it more. I will be getting a the brakes back together by next weekend...then it should be drivable. I have already put a lot of time into...too much to list with the time i have right now, will post a list soon, but it is worth it. So...Cobra in one bay, GT in the other...lovin' it!!!! Speaking of the GT, just bought new tires for it and got them mounted today...Hankook, very nice! so stay tuned!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

yeah or nah??

I never thought I would be in this situation. I am driving in my '96 Mustang GT with the intention of buying another Mustang, not to replace it but as a, well, stable mate if you will. The 95 is a black GT like my car, (black exterior with black cloth interior and a 5-speed manual). but that is where the similarities end. The 94-95 Mustang GT's had a different motor than my 4.6L 281ci V8. they had the tried-and true 5.0L 302ci V8. and what a difference they are. My car, with a few mods, such as cold air intake, cat back and a few suspension tweaks just doesn't have the 'grunt' that the five-oh does. I am still trying to decide whether or not to buy the 95 GT as it will need a lot of cosmetic work. The body has a lot of dents and panels that will need to be replaced. The drivetrain on the other hand is stock and running just perfectly smooth. The car as a weird aftermarket sunroof which doesn't seem to work that well. The interior needs to be redone as the radio is some shitty aftermarket cd player with a missing head unit, the power seats don't work, and overall just worn. But is is a great start. The asking price was 2,800, but i was able to bring it down to 2,000. Should i go ahead and do it, get the car and start a new project? wish i could just make up my mind

Friday, October 8, 2010

has it been that long?

I guess it has been too long since i have typed something up, but here it goes. Ok so 40+ hour weeks mean i haven't had a whole lot of time for the stang but...have been putting new parts on and have a few big ones coming up in the future.

Since I last wrote I have installed:
LRS Mass-backed main carpet section in Black
MAC Pro-Dump cat back exhaust (turndowns right before rear axle)
Maximum Motorsports clutch quadrant/firewall adjuster/cable
LRS Cobra headlamps with Euro Yellow lens decal

But wait...there's more...
So tune in next time, cuz the big mods are coming soon!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back...

Ok, so my last blog was a bummer and I am sorry, just had to let out some steam. But...all is well. I have a job...yeah I know...a job, that that means money $$$cash$$$money, lol...which in turn means more parts for the '96. I am so tempted to go out and buy a bunch of small things for the car, but i need to save up for that new engine/rebuild...depends on what i decide to do. I really need to put in a new clutch, I really think there is something wrong with the King Cobra setup I have in there right now. There is just WAY TOO much pedal pressure and it is starting to do that "chatering"... plus i think throw-out bearning is going. So that will need to be done soon. But I love this car and can't wait for future mods!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"not all who wander are lost"

So here I am again. Back in front of my computer while my car sits outside with another problem. I have had many problems with this car, but it is said that problems come when you turn the wrench to modify. Well, maybe the key word is "I". "I" have had problems with this car, not the car has problems. Sometimes "I" wonder what the car would be like if it belonged to someone who had the proper funds and knowledge to fix all the woes. I should treat the car better, I mean...Christ, it has almost 200K on it. It just gets so frustrating, I mean so many of the parts "I" buy for the car don't fit it, even though they say it will. Doesn't matter if "I" buy the top brands, it just doesn't work. I just want the car to stop having problems. I have dreams of going to Buttonwillow and laying down some laps, but there is always something going wrong. I am trying so hard not to give up or get pissed off, but it is hard. There are so many issues i am having with the car, like the oil pressure gauge. I bought a new oil pressure sender unit, and ended up braking the oil filter mounting adapter (where the sender unit threads onto), because i am a freaking stupid piece of crap. So i replaced the adapter and got the car going again, but the oil pressure gauge still reads low. I am really scared cause i don't know if it is really that low or it is some gauge issue. So today I bought an aftermarket electric oil psi gauge (tried the mechanical one before, but had problems installing it), but the freaking kit, didn't come with all the parts and I can't return it cuz I opened it. SO now I have to piece some shit together and try to get this gauge working. "I" wish "I" knew what how to install it, I can't really ask for help because I already asked but i don't understand, and I keep taking time away from those people that i ask. I know what I should really do is have the engine rebuilt along with the transmission, but the job I have doesn't pay that much, and don't think I can get all that money at once (when you have the engine out, you try to do it all at one time). For instance, here is what i would need to do while it is out:

1). first get the motor out
2). find a engine shop to rebuilt it
3). find a shop to rebuild the transmission
4). install a new clutch, throw-out bearing, clutch fork, new flywheel
5). new low oil sensor
6). put on BBK shorty headers that have been laying around for like two years
7). when motor is rebuilt, have all new gaskets/seals installed
8). new thermostat

I know to you, as the reader, you are thinking this guy is just whining and should shut the hell up, but I have no other way to get this out of my system, and I am not forcing you to read it. Come to think of it, nobody reads this so I guess I can say what ever the hell I want! I really don't know why I am sitting here writing this, but maybe it is so I don't give up, and that maybe someday everything will come together...someday. So whoever you are out there thanks for sticking up with my rants. I guess tomorrow I will go out and take some pictures of what I have done with the car lately, and try to keep my hopes up.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

...its been awhile......

So it really has been a long time since i have posted anything on this page. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life as well as a few hiccups with the car in the past two months. Where to begin...well as this is a page for my car, and not some site for me to rant and complain about my day to day...we will just cut to the stang.
In November...think it was the 14, 15, and 16...I went back to Buttonwillow for another NASA Track day...which was a blast. But before that I had a few issues with the car. I bought a intake spacer from Stack Racing, which for the price is ok...but was sorta a pain in the rear to install do to the EGR Valve and tube are meant for the stock height of the plenum. While working on that i noticed that the coolant tank that sits above the radiator had a crack which in turn became a big leak. So I thought I was gonna have to scrap the Buttonwillow trip, but at the last second I was able to find a used one from a wrecked 97 GT. After getting back from the 'willow trip i installed a trick Aluminum coolant tank from Moroso, which is SWEET!
Next I installed a Corbeau 3-point retractable harness in Red with Yellow Belt pads. It looks and better yet feels great. I was supposed to get those parts before the 'willow trip...but they were back ordered...guess that is the way things go. After they were installed i took a ride on Hwy 1 from Morro Bay to Salinas...but along the way i ran into some trouble.
The belts really held me in great, way better and safer than the RCI ones i had...but that wasn't the problem. To keep things short, i came around a turn at night to find a good sized rock in my lane. I knew i couldn't stop in time and there was on-coming traffic in the other my only choice was to hit it. Anyone how knows HWY 1 will know there is no shoulder or brake down lane. I kept myself from slamming on the brakes, as this would lower the front end of the car down and risk damaging the oil pan. So i tried my best to center my car with the rock (the tranny and drive shaft are tucked up so i thought that would be my best shot. While I was extremely lucky that the rock didn't do ANY damage to the drivetrain whatsoever, but the exhaust took a good deal of beating. The rock hit the passenger cat of my BBK X-pipe then shot of the side of the car, but not before hitting the floorpan and the passenger rear wheel (small scrape on the inside). The X-pipe is damaged as the cat's internals broke apart which in turn gave the car a check engine light code (for a O2 sensor). The sensor is ok, but the X-pipe has to be ditched. SO i put the stock H-pipe back on...thank god I saved it!!!!
While I was under the car I thought I would replace the oil pressure sender unit. When installing the new one, the part that threads into the oil-filter adapter cracked and broke off. S*%#!!! So Now as the car sits alone and cold...waiting for a new oil-filter adapter, i sit here writing this. The part is ordered but will not get here til the second week of JAN. At the same time I decided to order a set of Mishimoto Blue upper and lower Silicone hose set. A week or two before the rock incident happened the heater core hose blew off again...well more like split in-two! To replace that I bought a race/hi-boost application section of blue silicone in hopes it will not happen (knocking on my wooden desk....).
To top that i have discovered a leak in the factory radiator so it will need replacing. I have that Mishimoto aluminum unit...but it has a leak, so it will need to be pressure tested and then repaired!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So stay tuned and give me a little support. Need to keep my spirits up.
Oh and to just make this even more boring and long, I am toying with the idea of buying a 2000-2004 Ford focus as my daily...yeah...and I will leave it at that.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Buttonwillow Raceway Park (PartOne)

I have spent the better part of the last week trying to describe what I got to see and be a part of. I have been to many car shows, various automotive racing events such as: The American Le Mans series, IMSA GT back in the day, Forumla D and D1 Grand Prix drifting, Historic Trans Am and the like....I have even been and participated in a handful of autocross weekends...but nothing compares to the venue I so lovingly Buttonwillow Raceway Park on OCT 10th and the 11th. I saw a NASA (national autosport association) calender and was recommend my Maximum Motorsports to go check out one of NASA's Open track events. So that Friday i drove down to Buttonwillow CA, a lil town off of HWY 5. In the middle of nowhere sprouts an amazing raceway park, as it is not just one track but has many configurations. That Friday night I could barely sleep as i had no clue what to expect. The next morning i got up early and made the 11mile journey from the VERY CRAPPY hotel 6...that is a story in itself. When I arrived at the gate i paid ten dollars which got me access for the whole weekend!!! Try that at Laguna Seca or the like. The pit area in spread through the grounds of the raceway, with Grassroots teams running around preparing their cars for the first run of the day. Cars of every make could be found, but my eyes settled on the many Mustangs waiting for their turn on the track. The people their are so friendly, everyone was fine with me taking pictures and asking all sorts of questions. Cars and their drivers were sorted by driving experience and car groups. They even had a HPDE which is NASA's High Performance Driving Event, which lets drivers off all experiences to go out of the track to get some seat time with real NASA instructors. This is something i plan on doing in the future. There were some great battles going on out at the track, F-Body camaros taking on Fox and SN95 Mustangs, BMW M3s vs 911 Turbos and GT3s, the great Honda vs Nissan battle (Honda civics, crx, acura integras, acura rsx vs Nissan Sentras, 240, 300ZX), it was amazing. There was this one battle between a 996 Porsche C2, a E36 M3, a C5 Z06 vette, and a ex Bob Bondrant Mustang was like watching showroom stock racing all over again...i loved every minute of it. I took over a thousand pics but could have easily taken more. I will be posting some of these pics on my Photobucket site . I will write about my on-track experience in the near future.