Wednesday, December 30, 2009

...its been awhile......

So it really has been a long time since i have posted anything on this page. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life as well as a few hiccups with the car in the past two months. Where to begin...well as this is a page for my car, and not some site for me to rant and complain about my day to day...we will just cut to the stang.
In November...think it was the 14, 15, and 16...I went back to Buttonwillow for another NASA Track day...which was a blast. But before that I had a few issues with the car. I bought a intake spacer from Stack Racing, which for the price is ok...but was sorta a pain in the rear to install do to the EGR Valve and tube are meant for the stock height of the plenum. While working on that i noticed that the coolant tank that sits above the radiator had a crack which in turn became a big leak. So I thought I was gonna have to scrap the Buttonwillow trip, but at the last second I was able to find a used one from a wrecked 97 GT. After getting back from the 'willow trip i installed a trick Aluminum coolant tank from Moroso, which is SWEET!
Next I installed a Corbeau 3-point retractable harness in Red with Yellow Belt pads. It looks and better yet feels great. I was supposed to get those parts before the 'willow trip...but they were back ordered...guess that is the way things go. After they were installed i took a ride on Hwy 1 from Morro Bay to Salinas...but along the way i ran into some trouble.
The belts really held me in great, way better and safer than the RCI ones i had...but that wasn't the problem. To keep things short, i came around a turn at night to find a good sized rock in my lane. I knew i couldn't stop in time and there was on-coming traffic in the other my only choice was to hit it. Anyone how knows HWY 1 will know there is no shoulder or brake down lane. I kept myself from slamming on the brakes, as this would lower the front end of the car down and risk damaging the oil pan. So i tried my best to center my car with the rock (the tranny and drive shaft are tucked up so i thought that would be my best shot. While I was extremely lucky that the rock didn't do ANY damage to the drivetrain whatsoever, but the exhaust took a good deal of beating. The rock hit the passenger cat of my BBK X-pipe then shot of the side of the car, but not before hitting the floorpan and the passenger rear wheel (small scrape on the inside). The X-pipe is damaged as the cat's internals broke apart which in turn gave the car a check engine light code (for a O2 sensor). The sensor is ok, but the X-pipe has to be ditched. SO i put the stock H-pipe back on...thank god I saved it!!!!
While I was under the car I thought I would replace the oil pressure sender unit. When installing the new one, the part that threads into the oil-filter adapter cracked and broke off. S*%#!!! So Now as the car sits alone and cold...waiting for a new oil-filter adapter, i sit here writing this. The part is ordered but will not get here til the second week of JAN. At the same time I decided to order a set of Mishimoto Blue upper and lower Silicone hose set. A week or two before the rock incident happened the heater core hose blew off again...well more like split in-two! To replace that I bought a race/hi-boost application section of blue silicone in hopes it will not happen (knocking on my wooden desk....).
To top that i have discovered a leak in the factory radiator so it will need replacing. I have that Mishimoto aluminum unit...but it has a leak, so it will need to be pressure tested and then repaired!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So stay tuned and give me a little support. Need to keep my spirits up.
Oh and to just make this even more boring and long, I am toying with the idea of buying a 2000-2004 Ford focus as my daily...yeah...and I will leave it at that.

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