Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back...

Ok, so my last blog was a bummer and I am sorry, just had to let out some steam. But...all is well. I have a job...yeah I know...a job, that that means money $$$cash$$$money, lol...which in turn means more parts for the '96. I am so tempted to go out and buy a bunch of small things for the car, but i need to save up for that new engine/rebuild...depends on what i decide to do. I really need to put in a new clutch, I really think there is something wrong with the King Cobra setup I have in there right now. There is just WAY TOO much pedal pressure and it is starting to do that "chatering"... plus i think throw-out bearning is going. So that will need to be done soon. But I love this car and can't wait for future mods!!!!

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